Some prospective entrepreneurs are trying to escape from corporate life, while others are looking to control their destiny, solve a real-world problem, be their own boss, impact society, or perhaps significantly impact their personal wealth.

But starting a business on your own can be intimidating and scary, especially for first-time entrepreneurs or those who have failed in the past. No one knows if their business idea is brilliant or not, and few have the financial means to quit their jobs whenever they feel like it.

Our team of Entrepreneurs and partner companies have experienced all of the above and we are here to listen, understand and help you drive your business forward.

Strategy | Operations | Sales | HR

Lee Parker

Founder of Thrive, Lee is based in the Midlands and advises on Strategy, operations and marketing for several non exec boards across manufacturing, commerce and government organisations. 


Thrive UK Ltd.

Change Management | Analytical

Jason Kingston

30 years experience across all sectors, With a preference for innovative transformational change, providing consultancy that combines process, people & digital improvements.


Cube Thinking

Business Coach

Andrea Petrone

Helps companieswho want to navigate through the storm and accelerate success, get more traction and grow internationally so they can have a more sustainable and profitable business.


The Thriving Consultant

Marketing | Sales | Training

Tim Mayer

Having developed several businesses over the years Tim is a Sales and Marketing  professional running and coordinating daily sales teams and his own digital consultancy. 


Precision Digital

Mental Health

Carie Workman

Helps business employees with  mental wellbeing which has had a very positive effect within the Work place. Carie has a portfolio of clients from professional sporting clients, small businesses and Uni's


New Beginning

HR | Staffing Solutions

Robert Bowker

A seasoned HR professional having run HR & people operations for a number of Manufacturing firms. Robert offers a brad range of HR consultancy and solutions for small and SME business


Rotan HR Services

Sales & Training

Nigel Dunand

Nigel specialises in "Networking and sales" and is the king of referral. His background in sales strategy makes him a valued Mentor and corporate partner to the Thrive partnership programme


Sandler Training

Digital | IT | Marketing

Ben Webb

Ben helps you reach new customers and grow your business, aren’t sure about this ‘internet marketing’ stuff and are put off by software, apps and other techy stuff that all seems  much hassle to setup? Ben can help


BW Marketing

Marketing | Sales | Training

Clare Davis

Mental Health Training and support is  a concern for businesses. I work with  organisations to understand the importance of recognising stress in their teams to help their staff cope with the pressured business world 


Nova Associates 


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