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Updated: Nov 22, 2018

A few years ago I started on a fabulous journey with the national campaign Small Business Saturday. When selected as a 100 company in 2014 I embarked on an incredible experience like no other.

Small business Saturday was specifically founded to promote everything great out our country when it comes to Small business, but aside from the fanfare, PR and excitement of visiting No10 it was the start of my second family. 

A group of now some 500 companies are now part of the Alumni and I am proud today to introduce one of my closest Small Business Saturday contacts. Alison Edgar, started her original business, Sales Coaching Solutions, in 2011 to help sales teams in Small to Medium Enterprises succeed. She worked with the Growth Voucher and Accelerator programs which helped small businesses get access to the specialist sales training they deserved. That went pretty well! Alison won GB Entrepreneur of the Year: Special Merit for Service Award in 2015 and was invited to the Queen’s Royal Garden Party for her dedication to Enterprise and like me even went to Downing Street! 


With market changes Alison further expanded her business to create the Entrepreneurs Godmother in 2016. Since launch Alison has started supporting teams in Europe and the USA. She even headed out to Kuwait with Team Godmother where she spoke at one of the first events of its kind in the Middle East. Over two days she shared my knowledge on business and sales to budding entrepreneurs.

With the launch of her Amazon best selling book Sales book Secrets of Successful Sales

Alison provides online sales coaching courses, workshops and speaks at a host of national and international events sharing her experiences as a business owner but also successful sales. 

It is with great pleasure and a huge thanks to Alison that today we are please to announce access to her FREE ONLINE SALES COURSE for small business owners and start up's giving away some of her Secrets of Successful Sales


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