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Today we are pleased to announce that business coach Andrea Petrone joins the Thrive partnership program, with over 20+ years as a Certified Executive and Business Coach, Strategic Advisor, Mentor, and Keynote Speaker Andrea lives in London. Before becoming a coach, he held leadership and executive positions in the corporate world (mainly Oil and Gas, Energy and Consulting) and worked in 7 countries around the world.

Across his career, he has helped small and medium-size consulting firms and B2B organisations to build and scale their business. He has been in the trenches. He has built, run and managed consulting firms during economic crises.

Founder of Thrive Lee Parker said "Welcoming someone like Andrea to Thrive gives us the opportunity to provide experienced consultancy and coaching to our clients. Andrea's methodology coupled with his product offering through courses will be a huge support to Thrive and also our partners client base"

Andrea works primarily with professional service and consulting firm owners and executives who want to navigate through the storm and accelerate success, get more traction and grow their firm so they can have a more sustainable and profitable business. From start to international growth.

Andrea will help you to design a winning strategy, position your firm to stand out from the competition, get immediate traction with prospects, become a true trusted advisor for your clients, and much more. 

If you are a more mature business, he can also help you build a strong team, build new leaders and scale internationally.

If your interested in learning more about Andrea's services please click "Thriving Consultant below to sign up to Andrea's newsletters, and latest download - 5 Secrets to keep your consulting business in high-demand during the downturn

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