Digital Accountant Joins Thrive Partnership Programme

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Thrive family, The Digital Accountant. Offering over 15 years experience in finance and having held various roles from Accounts Payable (AP) Clerk to Finance Director, Christopher is a welcome addition the the Thrive Partnership Programme.

As a purely digital accountancy practice with a vision to provide hands-on support no matter location, The Digital Accountant strikes a balance between human interaction and technology, offering scalable packages of support to owner-operated businesses and entrepreneurs.

With tailored services to support limited companies, partnerships and sole-traders, The Digital Accountant has ’taken everything we hate about traditional accountancy practices and turned them on its head’.

A brief, but by no means exhaustive range of the services The Digital Accountant can provide;

  • Online submission of Tax Return to HM Revenue & Customs

  • Advice during the year of tax liabilities and payment date

  • Preparation of your personal Tax Return

  • Production of annual accounts and management information

  • Production of abbreviated accounts for filing at Companies House

  • Maximising your tax efficiency and claiming all possible breaks on your behalf

Victoria Poulson, Operations Director for Thrive, on the announcement of the partnership said;

“Traditional accountancy can seem daunting and overwhelming for small businesses through the use of outdated processes and legacy systems. The Digital Accountant has completely changed this using streamlined systems that utilise the latest technology. Christopher is proud to offer a fully digital service using the cloud to enable maximum flexibility for both his team and his clients. He utilises all the tools available to support modern day working and is a welcome addition to our panel of Partners. I look forward to working closely with Christopher alongside our existing Partners in the coming months”.

Founder of The Digital Accountant added;

“We have a vision for what a purely digital accountancy practise can, and should be; to offer owner-operated businesses and entrepreneurs the chance to focus on their business while we look after their financial data and accounts. All of our consultants collaborate online and we manage our clients’ projects in a way that is as lean as can be. Through use of our online portal, you can see what is happening in real-time, giving you complete control of your business’ finances. We are proud that we are a purely digital accountancy practice and look forward to working within the Thrive Partnership Programme”.

With experience of heading up the finance function of an organisation with over a £billion turnover, Christopher is also adept at managing internal business transformation. From software integration and defining best in-house accountancy practice in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), to managing mergers and acquisitions, Christopher’s experience ranges from working with large multi-nationals to small businesses.

Talented at demystifying financial best practice, Christopher is CIMA qualified, and Xero certified and has hands-on experience of helping organisations get a handle on their cash flow and return to profitability.

Outside of work, Christopher can often be found walking the Lancashire countryside with his daughter Amelia, Wife Zoe and his two ‘Frenchie’s’ Ladybug and Princess Bell.

Want to know how Christopher can help?

For more information and to contact Christopher, click HERE. Alternatively, to book a 30 minute discovery call, click HERE

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