How to use your time wisely when working remotely

Clare Davies - Nova Associates

I remember the first time I worked from home, back in the 90’s. My boss decided we would all be more productive if we worked from home. I realise now, I didn’t have the skills to work from home and I wasted a lot of time as one of the main skills is time management.

It came down to the fact that I wasn’t used to working alone. I needed people around me which helped motivate me to work harder. I needed to have breaks where I could get a drink and talk to people in the kitchen.

How can we make sure we use our time wisely when working remotely? Here are 3 tips to help:

1)    Work out when you are the most productive and do the most difficult tasks at these times and focus.

2)    Set yourself goals. Decide the tasks you are going to achieve in the day and how long they will take and set out a timetable.

3)    Have regular breaks. We would have breaks in the office, so schedule in breaks at home too.

Motivating yourself to achieve your tasks can be difficult when you are in the office. It can be more difficult when working remotely, especially if you have always worked in an office with your team around you.

You need different skills when working remotely and one of them is time management. Your team isn’t around you to motivate you. Realise this and adjust the way you think.

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