How to use Zoom during Covid-19

Updated: Apr 4

How to use Zoom to stay connected to work colleagues, clients, students, friends and family during the coronavirus lockdown. It's a weird time at the moment, and being stuck at home not being able to see people or work is proving difficult for many people. In light of this, it's been pretty cool seeing people from all walks of life flock to the Zoom app as a solution to stay connected!

But what is Zoom and what does it do?

Zoom is basically the commercial (business) version of Skype or Facetime (video calling). It's used primarily by businesses for hosting meetings, conferences, trainings and webinars online. The reason is it so widely used is because of it's security, speed, quality and it's many functionalities. It's been awesome to see people using Zoom over the last week to:

- Work remotely and stay in touch with work colleagues and clients

- Teach students and run tuition classes from home

- Run gym sessions and workouts

- Plan evening "hangouts" with friends

- Stay in touch with family members

- And more...

What I quickly noticed though was that many people had never used Zoom before, they were struggling with getting it set up and working... So me and my good friend James Delin decided to make a tutorial to walk you through everything from:

- How to sign up to zoom and download the app on desktops, tablets and phones

- How to set up a meeting and invite people

- How to accept a zoom invite and join a meeting on desktop and mobile

- How to set up your video and audio (microphone) for the meeting

- How to screen share during a meeting

- How to chat and share files during a meeting

- Plus a few other tricks and cheats

We feel incredibly lucky to be still able to work and support clients at the moment, so we are here to support and help in whatever way we can. If you need any assistance with staying visible and relevant as a business during the coronavirus, or want some guidance on how to marketing and advertise your business during the current conditions, please feel welcome to get in touch.

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