Is it worth the risk?

People often ask me, “Wow, it must be amazing being your own boss, you must love working your own hours?” It’s true, I do love making my own decisions and squeezing work around my two young children, in some respects yes I’m lucky.

It’s not easy being your own boss though; from the start it’s wondering where your next job is coming from, will I meet the bills this month or even the biggest thing to overcome…self doubt…maybe I should just get a job, should I even be doing this?

I work long hours, I do three days a week, sometimes four but in that time plus the weekends/evenings too, I sometimes work 50/60 hours some weeks. It can be a rollercoaster but you know what? It works for me. I get to spend time with my kids, do the school run and even fit in going to the gym, but it’s a hard balance. Is it worth it?

Yes. Loving what you do is worth it, 100 times over!

After many years working as a marketing/design professional I decided maternity leave would be my opportunity to plan my next move and strike out on my own. I’m not a sales person so didn’t really know how to get the work in, but word of mouth and my network of friends, colleagues and family helped me to set up and I haven’t looked back since, SnowLilley was a go!

I joined up with Thrive to help others do what I have done. Thrive’s founder Lee has been a supporter of mine with my business from the start. This is Thrive; that ethos makes me want to be part of Thrive. Having people who’ve been there and done it is super helpful, my mistakes won’t be yours and my triumphs can help guide your direction. I’ve learnt a lot of lessons, but I have discovered your network is most definitely one of your strongest assets…so go off and get polishing those LinkedIn profiles!

I can help you to establish your brand, define your vision and translate it into a stunning logo, a strong brand deck, a wow-website or even a characterful voice to bring you brand to life. Or I can just chat to you about my story and help you to discover what it is you need to be doing to get of the ground and reaching for those goals…put simply, thriving.

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