Law Firm joins Thrive Partnership

We are pleased to announce that as of this afternoon Thrive have partnered with Accelerate Law. A fully-flexible, on-demand in-house legal team of curated expert consultants - available for clients as and when they need advice.

As your on call, in-house legal team, their service is built around helping you draft or negotiate legal documents, complete any legal processes, project manage your legal workflows and broker informed deals with trusted law firms.

Accelerate are set up so that they can tackle any legal obstacle you have, being an integral but entirely flexible part of your team, taking you through the process from zero to 100.

The Accelerate Law team works alongside growing businesses and business portfolios to facilitate full flexibility, customisation and real P&L cost-savings in the contracting and provision of legal services.

Accelerate are there to support entrepreneurs in navigating the numerous technical requirements involved with any business and the stress caused by not being able to just pick up the phone and call up a trusted advisor.

Lee Parker Founder of Thrive said

"Over the past 12 months we've been building a collaboration of business owners from all industries, Simon and his team from Accelerate are a welcome addition to the Thrive Family. His vision on providing integral support through services and consultation to small business owners, entrepreneurs and sole traders is in synergy with Thrives main mission statement. That coupled with the need for his services as Entrepreneurs and businesses try to navigate the current economy climate."

All Accelerate Law consultants are hungry, ambitious, entrepreneurial people with a dual commercial and legal skill-set. Each member of the team holds a deep understanding of what it takes to set up and grow a business and know the pains of budget-sapping legal fees. That means that in practice, there support often goes beyond legal and permeates the strategy and direction of your business.

Simon Davies founder of Accelerate Law on launch of the partnership said;

"I started Accelerate Law because I wanted to be on the front line of the changes happening in the way legal services are being provided, in particular for bootstrapped startups. In summary, the aim is to provide startups with Magic Circle quality at a rate which growing companies can afford and appreciate. Currently we do this by providing a totally committed, responsive and reliable commercial service, either virtually or physically at clients’ offices, providing both legal and commercial support with low overheads. In future, we hope to develop products which can enhance this quality:value proposition even further and enable us to positively impact as many businesses as we can. If interested I would love to hear from you."

We will be hearing more from Simon and the team from Accelerate over the coming days, for more information on their services please click Here

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