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In what has already been a busy week for the team at Thrive, we are pleased to announce that Nova Associates have joined the Thrive Partnership programme.

Nova's aim is to build long-term partnerships with our clients to help them develop healthy teams, change habits and ultimately see results. Through ongoing training and coaching Nova will lead organisations and develop middle managers to lead teams, working in partnership with them and providing strategic support to inspire a culture of well-being to build relationships to build their business and strive for success.

In line with Thrives vision, Nova Helps you build relationships to build your business, The announcement comes at a time when Thrive is broadening its partnership programme offering a collaboration of entrepreneurs and services to founders, startups and SME's throughout the UK.

With news of the announcement Clare Davies, Nova's Founder said "You know how some middle managers lack confidence? They may have been promoted as they are brilliant at their job....... they have never managed people. I help them connect with their team so they are leading them confidently by building relationships to work together for success, Being able to work alongside Thrive and open up our offering to their clients allows us to further deliver our vision "

Founder of Thrive Lee Parker added "Nova have a strong background in all aspects of businesses, deliver quality coaching, training and facilitation services. They have a passion for developing leaders, middle managers and support staff , so they communicate more successfully in order to drive better relationships and business growth. This is exactly why Thrive was founded to share good practice".

Nova believe "Once you truly know about people, you will succeed at work and in life."

Their passion is to help leadership teams, middle managers and your teams build relationships when they have mental health concerns and communication blocks.

Mental Health Training and support is becoming more recognised as a concern for businesses. Nova work with small, medium and large organisations to understand the importance of recognising stress in teams and help their staff cope with the pressured business world to be more productive and profitable.

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