New partner joins - Taking a future focus on productivity

We are pleased to announce that Operations and business management solutions company Cube Thinking have joined the Thrive partnership program.

Speaking about the collaboration Lee Parker founder of Thrive said "Cube thinking offer a unique service drawing on their combined skills and knowledge across all sectors, they will partner you to business growth. There approach is listen, observe and sit with clients to ensure you get what you need for your business journey."

They're experience in business transformation is based on the real world. The Cube Audit is making their partners grow strategically and reducing significant process waste thorough healthy business redesign.


Our founding partners combine a passion for business, with a drive to take a transformational change journey that is done with you, not to you. We have decades of experience to help you make sense of business challenges and help you find solutions.  Operational directorship, international improvement programme delivery and service in all sectors allows us to see clearly where others cannot. From bespoke business improvement methodologies, to training delivery through to programme delivery, we have supported clients to grow at the right pace for them.


We work with you for you.  We provide honest advice, guidance and products that have a human touch. We know how it feels to be in your shoes - we have been there and have seen the results that a professional approach provide to business improvement and change management. First things first, we listen to your story so far and the road ahead.  We consider the impact on your people, pounds and processes.  Our toolkit identifies where help is best placed, from operational to digital opportunity.

Why Cube

We understand your business journey, be it operational, digital or both. Our blend of assured experience and future focus make us different. We take an agile approach and focus on return on investment, while being culturally aware, making us a safe set of hands to partner with.  Our partnerships with accountants, software developers & accredited trainers allow us to provide an expert team for your needs. Manufacturing, Service Industry, Social Housing & Legal sector clients benefit from CUBE Thinking.  Contact us to arrange a coffee to discuss how we can work together.

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