Positive Mental Health Workshop A Success!

Our corporate partner, Clare from Nova Associates has put together a series of two hour virtual workshops written to help you and your teams through the upheaval of Covid-19.

This week saw success with her first virtual workshop, entitled ‘Positive Mental Health In High Stress Situations’. This workshop covered discussions surrounding; your personal concerns with all the changes, what motivates you and your values and having a positive mindset - a selection of the many topics covered.

With information and bespoke advice relevant to each and everyone one of us at present, it is no surprise that this workshop was extremely well received. Below is a testimonial from attendee Abigail, St Bernadette’s Secondary School, Bristol.

The workshop was really well delivered and the content was very informative. I feel that stress can often be overlooked and it’s really good to be able to understand the ways that we can play an active role in dealing with it. I really enjoyed the workshop and it was very inclusive. Thank you!

With the ever increasing changes regarding work, family demands, financial concerns to name but a few, Clare‘s workshops provide invaluable support and guidance on how to deal with these stresses and how to manage your continued positive mental health.

Her next virtual workshop, Dealing With Change Positively, will take place on Wednesday 8th April 2020 at 14:00. For those unable to attend this week, why not take advantage of the reduced rate at present and join Clare for an informative afternoon of discussion and mentoring.

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