Running a carbon neutral business

Way back in 2015, the United Nations made a pact to actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This pact is known as the Paris Agreement and is a clear sign that cutting carbon is a top priority on a global scale.

People, businesses, corporations, families, governments – we’re all responsible for looking after our world.

Since the 90s, the Earth’s surface temperature has risen nearly 1°C because of increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. Although 1°C might not seem like the most alarming figure, in 2016 scientists predicted that if the earth’s temperature rose any more than 2°C, the atmospheric balance would be so out of kilter that human life would become difficult to sustain – we’re already half-way there!

If you’re looking to start a business, or want to transform your current company into a carbon-neutral, environmentally conscious operation, now more than ever is the time to do so. Strike while the iron’s hot, and before the world gets even hotter…

Coined in the early 1990s, ‘carbon neutral’ refers to a process that doesn’t add to the net atmospheric increase of harmful emissions (namely CO2). Achieved via a combined effort of carbon offsetting and the use of renewable, emission-free resources, carbon neutrality is an environmental step in the right direction that every business should be taking.

Get in touch for more information on what a carbon-neutral business is and how your start-up can step-up its business game by becoming carbon neutral.

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