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Like every other sector, recruitment has been transformed by technology, giving recruiters and candidates alike new ways of engaging with each other. Candidates can apply and reply to job adverts on the go via mobile devices, while recruiters have access to “people aggregators”, which can compile candidate information from across the Internet and social media to get a better idea of who a candidate is.

Some technology platforms have flipped the relationship on its head, allowing candidates to post their “digital profile” online and wait for businesses to come to them. New technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will disrupt the industry further, matching candidates with employers based on algorithms and job searches.

However, is all this technology really going to benefit the industry and, more importantly, is it going to benefit candidates and businesses? In this blog, we will examine the rise of technology in the recruitment sector and the future of talent acquisition.

How has technology changed recruitment?

Before applicant tracking systems (ATS), job boards and AI, the recruitment process was painstakingly slow. Go back 30 or 40 years and “recruiting” meant an advert in the newspaper and applications coming in through the office’s letterbox. The birth of the World Wide Web in 1990, however, changed all this. Paper-based methods of faxing, posting and waiting for CVs went out of fashion. In the mid-1990s, job boards came into existence, and paper-based records became digital as in-house “storage” (draws and cupboards full of CVs) moved online.

Now, from print advertising, email and SMS, to job boards and social media, recruiters have a variety of channels which they can utilise in the talent acquisition process.

How can businesses get the most out of technology during the recruitment process?

While the technology to support recruiters in the talent acquisition process is available, it’s important to choose the right solutions.

Use an applicant tracking system to manage the recruitment campaign

Instead of sorting and managing candidate applications manually, businesses and recruitment agencies can use a sophisticated applicant tracking system (ATS). This centralised system allows recruiters to post vacancies, view CVs, collect candidate information and track where candidates are in the hiring process; meaning less time spent on admin!

Engage with candidates via mobile and social media

Candidates aren’t looking in newspapers for job vacancies anymore, but online and on their mobile phones. Jobseekers can now look for new openings wherever they are, and on that basis, recruiters must have a mobile option for candidates. Increasingly important in the recruitment process are social media platforms – recruiters and hiring managers can post concise, attention-grabbing job postings to a targeted audience; their followers.

Is the traditional recruitment process dead?

Potentially, yes. But that’s not a bad thing. The recruitment process of yesteryear leaves much to be desired. Back then, recruiters lacked the means to truly engage with candidates and find the “perfect” match, but modern technology has done much to simplify the process.

Founder Lee Parker says "incorporating technology in to talent sourcing, acquisition and training is essential to ensure higher retention and smarter hires within your business ultimately contributing to your growth".

As time goes on, the recruitment process will become ever more “smart” as recruiters and hiring managers utilise AI, machine learning and data analytics to get a complete understanding of the candidates they engage with. Candidates will be engaging via mobile devices and receiving tailored responses from intelligent chatbots. Of course, AI will not replace the human operator, but it will help to make recruiters more effective at talent acquisition in the future.

Thrive have developed its services to strip back talent acquisition, training and also your own internal processes to ensure intelligent sourcing, smart talent selection and company growth through talent development and training. For more information contact the team at

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