The Importance Of Successful Back Office Support

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

What is Back Office Support?

Back Office can be thought of as the division of the business responsible for providing all functions related to its operations. Essentially, back office support is considered anything non client facing and would normally compromise of colleagues specialising in accountancy, IT, marketing, admin/operations support and HR. Despite the seemingly ’invisible’ presence, back office personnel provide essential functions to the successful running of your business.

The Engine Room

Associated job titles are often classified under ‘operations’ and these roles enable and equip front office personnel to perform their client facing duties. Successful back office support will be diverse and offer assistance with monitoring tax and payroll obligations, areas of HR & Employment law and managing the logistics of an office move as your business grows, to name but a few. Support and guidance researching the complexities of taking your business into overseas markets and maintaining good supplier relationships are examples of the considerable variation in the support offered.


As a start up company or an entrepreneur, the predicted cost of back office support may be a factor in your decision to attempt the workload individually. Just as a house built on strong foundations will withstand the test of time, a business built on positive investment for company growth will continue to thrive. Furthermore, a back office support network that can be both relied upon and trusted within allows front line management the ability to focus on delivering business results rather than being caught up with concerns about internal efficiency and communication.

The Benefits

Having an experienced conglomerate of individuals supporting the foundation of your business is invaluable in ensuring growth and expansion of your ideas; greatly reducing the possibility of failure. As an entrepreneur or start up, your main focus is the development of your vision. Having successful back office support in place will give you the essential and critical time required for growth of innovation and core competencies.

Being able to identify where your main resources are spent and where there is room for improvement positively adjusts business process; essentially strategising ways to optimise resources.

The use of automating, reducing manual input, and moving documents, records, invoices and recruitment online allows company process to streamline. In doing this, it gives your business the opportunity to save time and money - two extremely valuable resources to start ups and entrepreneurs.

Why Is It So Important?

All business owners make mistakes. The key thing is to evaluate and allow previous experiences to feed into the future decision making process. Having support and gaining education in areas unknown from trusted partners with extensive experience, allows you the time and confidence to achieve both cost efficiency and productivity.

Back office support may not be as glamorous as product and innovation development or client networking but it is incredibly important to get this stage right from day one.

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