3 weeks ago we welcomed "Andrea Petrone" to the Thrive partnership program after 20 years of international experience in helping small and medium consulting and B2B firms to scale their business.

Andrea's arrival to the team is welcome news as Thrive strive to consult, guide and advise small business, SME's across the country. Over the next 3 weeks we will be introducing a number of programs that form part of Andrea's consultancy. This week we start with Andrea's flagship program "The Star". 

Andrea realised that most of their owners and executives STRUGGLE TO DEFINE THEIR BEST TARGET MARKET, build a compelling EDGE, ATTRACT A-CLIENTS so they can build more leverage, revenues, and consistent growth.

On the other hand, some others have had some success in the past, but THEY REACHED A PLATEAU and they are now frustrated because their business doesn’t grow more than a few % every year. They are not scaling enough.

If this sounds familiar, scroll down to read more…

Designed for consultants and small firms who want to have a fresh start for their business, either because they are launching a new company or because they got very limited success so far.

This program has one clear goal. Helping you to build solid foundations and strategies to accelerate your results in 12 months. This is not hope. This is my promise.

The program has three key elements:

1 – HOW TO WIN I’ll help you to clarify your VISION and goals, your VALUE in the market, select the most profitable NICHE, build a compelling EDGE and a winning MODEL, so you can not just compete, but SET TO WIN.

2 – ATTRACT A-CLIENTS I’ll help you to build a strong MESSAGE, build AUTHORITY in your market, ATTRACT A-CLIENTS, so you can build more TRUST with your ideal client, become the GO-TO for their pains, and GET THE FIRST CALL when they need to get their problems solved

3 – CONVERT AND SELL BETTER Finally, I’ll help you to CONVERT more prospects, SELL MORE and HIGHER-VALUE engagements by improving the way you interact with prospects at each stage and touchpoint, so you can build quick TRACTION with clients. This is 8 weeks intensive program. 1 session per week online (video call). Work to do between sessions. I offer one-to-one engagements as well as a new group coaching program (coming soon).

As I don’t work with everyone, please be aware this program is not for you if:

  • You are a freelancer

  • You want to have a lifestyle business

  • You are not committed to spending time learning and working with me.

You can access Adrea's courses directly HERE Alternatively contact the Thrive team directly and we would be happy to put you in touch. Next week we look forward to introducing Andrea's "Play at the next level course" Designed for small and medium business owners and CEOs who want to stop fire fighting,

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