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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

This week we are delighted to announce that Thrive will be collaborating and bringing on board renowned trainer Nigel Dunand and his team at Sandler Training Central England.

Thrive are a one-stop shop offering expert peer-to-peer support to enable you to achieve your business goals and bring your vision to life. We can help you to get the right people in your business and help you to manage and train them effectively, help you to realise your vision with marketing & design support and then help you to develop your business through mentoring and coaching from those who have been there and done it.

Lee Parker said “With the addition of Nigel and his team from Sandler we are in a position to offer clients a fantastic opportunity to receive sales training and advice from one of the country’s top sales coaches”.

With a background in engineering and many years spent in Industrial Automation, Nigel was frustrated with the lack of predictability of the sales and business development process.

When Nigel stumbled across the Sandler concept, he knew the counter-intuitive, systematic process for selling would provide the predictable success for which he was looking for as an engineer. His goal as a Sandler Trainer is to provide an alternative selling solution to the very traditional sales process in which the buyer and seller become entrenched in a power struggle.

Nigel works with open minded, committed, and ambitious business people to implement this proven methodology into their world. He is an award winning coach, trainer and speaker. Available for speaking engagements to challenge, educate, entertain ...and prompt action. Nigel explained that “Wherever your organisation touches people; candidates, employees, prospect or clients. Sandler provides support and training. At our business performance lab you will learn how to work smarter instead of harder by implementing attitudes, behaviours and techniques in Sandler’s communication system. With Sandler you’ll receive guidance to reach your personal and professional mountain tops and gain the confidence to go one inch higher, but we won’t do it for you”.

Communication is key with Sandler Training. In fact, communication is key to everything you do – from sales, to leadership, to service, and beyond. So long as you clearly understand how you communicate and the communication style of those you interact with, you’ll be able to turn focused conversations into actionable opportunities.

We are delighted to welcome him aboard the Thrive Partnership program and look forward to introducing our clients to him and his team at Sandler.

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As a welcome to the Thrive family, Sandler are offering a unique opportunity for business owners, managing directors and company directors and to get fresh, counter-intuitive and non-traditional insights into sales.

You'll join a group of 6 to 12 ambitious and successful business owners who are keen to learn and network in a relaxed environment of peers. To register for this 2 hour session please follow the link above highlighting Thrive as your referrer

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