Thrive Welcomes Mental Health Partner

We know that running a business can be touch, and the realities of modern working life stressful. Taking steps towards promoting good mental health in the workplace can now start from Today.

Thrive are delighted to announce that Carie Workman from NewBegining has joined the Thrive Partnership programme to provide Mental Health and wellbeing services to Entrepreneurs, Founders and Startups.

Thrive Founder Lee Parker said " With poor mental health now being the number 1 reason for workplace absence in the UK, companies and organisations are suffering. Stress, Depression and Anxiety are more common than you think, and cannot be ignored. In the long run, these difficulties can affect your employee's wellbeing and your company's bottom line so having Carie from NewBeginning as a Thrive Partner now allows us to offer additional support to Entrepreneurs, Founders and their teams"

Carie has worked with a number of local companies within the midlands including SJL Insurance and more recently a project with Worcestershire Advance a collaboration of local businesses pledging support for student mental health

Carie is a Registered Mental Health Nurse as well as being a therapist, working with children, adolescents and adults. She is also trained in ADOS – Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, 3di- computerised interview covering all aspects of mental health, EMDR- Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing for PTSD, phobias, trauma, depression etc. Mindfulness and CBT/DBT all from her own private practise

Carie’s treatment rooms are in Cheltenham, Solihull and Knowle. Carie works with local businesses in supporting employees with their own mental wellbeing which has had a very positive effect within the work place. Carie also works with private individuals in their own homes.

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