Why don't your sales people close more business?

Today we have a great tip from a Sales performance Coach and Sandler representative Nigel Dunand. Traditional sales people work hard and stay busy. They believe in the mantra "Always be closing" Smart sales people don't. They believe in "Qualify stringently, close gently". They know that there are just 7 reasons why 96% of all prospects don't buy. And they master a process to address these reasons.

Nigel Dunand is a high impact and challenging keynote speaker and trainer, who will uncover the trust about your business and highlight inefficiencies, so that you can grow it to the next level confidently, profitably and successfully.

  • They focus on Precision- Defining and fine tuning the documented process.

  • They focus on Bravery- Asking the tough questions early

  • They focus on Time- Working effectively and efficiently

  • They focus on getting the Truth - positioning themselves to avoid being treated like a wimpy sales person

  1. If your sales people, or sales managers can't give you, or agree upon, their 7 reasons why their prospects don't buy, ask me for mine. Reply with "7 REASONS"

  2. If your salespeople have a process for closing, but it's not precise enough, and you'd like to compare it to an alternative process that gives 100% precision. Reply with "COMPARE"

  3. Both? "BOTH"

If your looking at developing your sales team further, or simply looking at making your first sales hire and want more advise on how to identify the right person contact Thrive who can help discuss your options and next steps to developing your sales talent.

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