Why ‘one day’ might be ‘today’

Encore Communications - Celebrating success at the PRCA DARE Awards

Running a business was always something I’d thought about doing ‘one day’: One day when I’d gained enough experience in my industry; One day when I had a strong enough vision of what I wanted to do differently; One day when I’d earned enough money to strike out on my own without risking the roof over my head. One day…  But, of course, it’s terribly easy for ‘one day’ to never feel like the right day - particularly when you have the security of a salaried career that’s progressing nicely, holiday pay, pension benefits etc. Even if you are getting a bit frustrated and restless, throwing all that away would be foolish, right? Wrong!  At the beginning of 2009, ‘one day’ became ‘today’ as the company I’d grown my career with went into liquidation - the result of a perfect storm of over-exposure to panicking property and professional services clients at the start of the financial crisis, a business divorce between company directors and a key client refusing to honour the notice period of a contract that, while it had never been signed, had effectively been accepted through monthly invoice payments made over a several years.  A set of business lessons right then and there, you could say! So, after dealing with the initial shock of being made redundant - bang went the salary, bang went the three-month notice period and bang went the security of being an employee - it was time to shake myself down and consider what I was going to do next.  With a wedding to pay for in just a few months time, I set up Encore Communications initially as a means to an end while I looked for alternative, more ‘secure’ work. I was fortunate to receive a number of job offers at a time when nobody was recruiting - and certainly not at senior level - but, something in my gut prevented me taking them.  Yes, the economy was a disaster. Yes, I ideally wanted a few more years’ experience before striking out on my own. But where there’s adversity, there’s also opportunity.  In my subconscious, I was already sketching out an idea of how Encore Communications could work - how we could change the model of a traditional agency to better meet the needs of both clients and our team members - and for once, I decided not to listen to my head but to follow my heart instead. 10 years on, it’s a decision I haven’t regretted.  From humble beginnings as a sole trader enterprise specialising in media relations, the business has grown to offer a full-range of marketing services delivered by teams of experienced, senior marketing professionals. Every member of every team is an expert in their field and, importantly, understands the pressures and responsibilities that come with running a business. They’ve worked with clients from micro-businesses to FTSE-listed companies in industries as diverse as the arts and leisure to medtech, aerospace engineering and cyber security.  But why does any of this matter?  Because we can bring that combined expertise and experience to bear in your business. By making the most of advances in digital technologies, we offer Big Agency advice without the overheads of traditional marketing agencies, freeing you up to concentrate on what you do best. 

More importantly, we understand what it’s like to set up and develop a business, what it means to have ‘skin in the game’ and how collaborating with the right partners can supercharge your business growth.  It’s an understanding that permeates throughout the Thrive team - and one of the key reasons we agreed to become Thrive’s marketing partner. No-one ever promises that developing a business is going to be easy. No-one promises it’s going to be risk free. But, with the right support and guidance in place at the right time, it can be one of the best moves you ever make. So why wait for ‘one day’? It might just be today!

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